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Try it,

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Your shoppers can now create
their realistic 3D avatar and try on
clothes via our virtual fitting room before buying!

Save Up tp 80%
of your Time and Expenses!

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Higher returns rate?
Lower Add-to-Cart conversion rate?
Struggling with sales?
How about making the buying process simpler?

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With the ViuBox catalogue, businesses can:

Help shoppers make easy buying decisions to significantly drive-up engagement.

Expect a steady increase in customer loyalty and brand awareness.

Get happier customers with all-time low return rates.

Enjoy the most competitive pricing on the market - no integration fee involved!

Get a 360° view of outfits before purchasing for easy visualisation

Help customers say goodbye to the online shopping guessing game - for good.

And it’s an environmental-friendly way to shop, helping reduce returns to landfills.


ViuBox SYZ 3.0

The Realistic 3D Avatar
that Everyone Loves

An advanced, realistic 3D virtual avatar that works on any browser!
Yes, it’s the 3D virtual fitting room e-Commerce shoppers always wanted!
It’s cost-effective, time efficient, and helps customers find the right fit straight away.

VIUBOX SYZ  - Size recommendations

VIUBOX SYZ  - 3D Try on

SYZ Find My Fit | My Size Online Shopping

Help customers see exactly how every item fits before they buy it. ViuBox SYZ recommends the best size for body proportions to ensure that it’s a perfect match.

Customers can try out new clothes and see how they’d look on VR, AR or Web. This way, customers can buy with confidence and not have to worry at all. 

VIUBOX Mirror  - Upgrade in store experience

No more annoying queues outside changing rooms – customers find their new look with just a swipe! Explore a whole new world of in-store possibilities with the ViuBox Mirror.

Makes for A
Delightful Customer Experience


3D Virtual Try On | Find My Fit | My Size Online Shopping
Gulf News | 3D Virtual Try On | Find My Fit

SenseMi has found much success and admiration with its ViuBox brand, which provides a variety of solutions in the area of fashion retail.

Find My Fit | My Size Online Shopping | Size Recommendation Online
Trend Hunter | Find My Fit | My Size Online Shopping

To help consumers confidently purchase articles of clothing online, SenseMi created a patented try-on technology solution for virtual dressing…

My Size Online Shopping | Size Recommendation Online | 3D Virtual Try On
Inc. | My Size Online Shopping | Size Recommendation Online

SenseMi Technology Solutions’ virtual fitting-room mirror shows how clothing will move once it’s on, thus helping a customer…

Size Recommendation Online | 3D Virtual Try On | Find My Fit
Forbes | Size Recommendation Online | 3D Virtual Try On

SenseMi’s interactive smart mirror does the same for beauty as well as fashion, enabling consumers to virtually try on an outfit even before entering a fitting room.

Item does not fit
Defective Item
Item not as expected
Damaged Item
Product us no longer needed
Wrong item delivered
Item does not fit 3%

Or maybe because they didn’t look as good in it as they expected. Well, not anymore!



Swipe it right!

Users can see themselves wearing the clothes that they want to try, on the virtual dressing mirror. Switching clothes is as simple as a swipe gesture with their hand.


Try on,
With Your Avatar!

Let customers choose and try out all the dresses in your collection-virtually.

All they need to get started? A selfie!

Customers can:

Choose any dress they want, and wear it, virtually.

Choose and try out different color variations and sizes

Try out their new clothes – in both AR and VR!

And most importantly, buy with confidence!


Adopt The New Way to Shop for
Your Customers Today!

With ViuBox, you can increase sales, reduce returns
and get better engagement, - all for a competitive pricing with
no upfront integration costs!

Want to get started? Try out the ViuBox free trial today!


Customers says

Faheem From Ibexwaer | Viubox My Size Online Shopping | Find My Fit | Size Recommendation Online
Faheem Ahmad ibexwear

"As an apparel manufacturer, we wanted to display on-model product photos on our site. In order to achieve this, we would need to set up a studio, onboard & pay models, do photo shoots and then work with a designer for post production, this was an expensive and tedious task. "Sensemi ViuBox Switch helped us automate all this using their on-model photography solution. Now we only need to send raw photos and ViuBox Switch generates model images on scale at an affordable cost." A happy customer!

Ali Form Style Mania | Viubox 3D Virtual Try On | Find My Fit | My Size Online Shopping
Ali Ibrahim General Manager | Owner Style Mania

ViuBox Mirror is a complete unique product and it provides a very distinct experience to the shoppers at our store. As an up-market, hip brand, our shoppers expect us to be modern, stylish and unique. ViuBox helps us do all that.

Tarek From Cisco | 3D Virtual Try On | My Size Online Shopping
Tarek M. El Raey Consulting System Engineer at Cisco

I would really like to thank you for your great support and participation in our event… your demo had an amazing impact on showing the real value of augmented reality in retail.. I wish you could see the crowd around it from all delegates, journalists and others that were really impressed by having this retail experience.


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