One of the questions that we get asked constantly is, “How do I take pictures for ViuBox Online?”

We want you to have the best experience possible, so we have put together a set of guidelines on how to take pictures for ViuBox and more importantly on how not to take pictures!

A, Your Clothes

1, Tight fitting clothes please!

Ideally you want to wear fitted clothes which give a clear idea of your proportions. We don’t want ViuBox to be guessing now, do we?! 😊

So yes to leggings, tight jeans and no to loose pajamas. Fitting clothes will ensure accurate measurements and a more accurate your avatar would be.

What works

Tops: Tuck the top into the bottom. Use Tee shirts, tank tops etc. which clearly show your proportions. Do NOT wear jackets. Do NOT wear over-sized shirts

Bottoms:  Tight fitting shorts, jeans leggings etc. would work. Go for skinny pants. NO to pajamas and loose bottoms.

2, The color of your clothes

Please avoid wearing clothes which are shades of brown, cream etc. Avoid any color that ViuBox may mistake to be your skin tone.

Wear clothes which contrast with the color of the background that you take the picture with. Let ViuBox see your amazing complexion without being confused.

Points to remember

B, Taking the Pictures

1, Straight Photo

2, Side Photo