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online shoppers.


Shoppers can now get accurate size recommendations from online stores according to their unique body measurements.


Receive personalized fitting comments on exactly how different sizes would fit, whether it would be too loose, too tight or just right.


With our fit recommendation solution, customers can make informed buying decisions and online stores will have less product returns and increase conversions.




Molding Shopping Experience
and more.

Molding Shopping Experience and more.

Our solution simplifies the process of getting digital body measurements by providing three methods for entering data. The shoppers has the freedom to choose any method which they feel the most comfortable.


How it works!

Digital body measurements along with the size chart of the brand enable ViuBox SYZ to provide Online shoppers accurate fitting comments, for every item and every unique body shape.

Method 1

Visual Modification

  • Users would enter their height, weight and gender.
  • Based on the entered values, ViuBox SYZ shall estimate the body proportions and display the measurements.
  • For further accuracy, users may then adjust the sizes of key body parts using the sliding adjuster.
  • ViuBox SYZ will display the new measurements according to the new proportions.
  • Users may save these measurements to find out how any size of any item would fit them on fashion E-Commerce websites. 

Method 2

Picture mode

  • Users may upload a picture in ‘A’ pose.
  • ‘A’ pose – front picture with legs apart, at shoulder width, and arms away from the body.
  • ViuBox SYZ has the highest accuracy with A pose. It would also work if the pose isn’t right.
  • For best accuracy, ‘A’ pose with head-to-toe visibility is ideal.
  • Height and weight entered are stored only for reference.

Method 3

Manuel measurements

  • Users would enter their height, weight and gender.
  • Users will have to measure themselves and enter the accurate sizes.
  • The sizes include: Chest, waist, belly, hips and mid-thigh
  • Units are available in centimeters and inches.
  • Once the data is entered, the user will get a preview of the avatar for reference.



Our highly secure servers use technologies like Deep Machine Learning and Neural Network to make accurate sizing in the simplest manner possible.The technology powering ViuBox is developed in-house by SenseMi and is an amalgam of artificial intelligence, image processing and 3D structuring.Our unique algorithm can make accurate measurements from just two pictures.


ViuBox SYZ Digital Measurements

The Evolution

•  ViuBox SYZ was an an instant hit on introduction. Everyone who had tried it was impressed and eager to get on board.
•  We launched a Version 2.0 in Early 2020.
•  We once again went back to the drawing board, redesigned every step of the process.
•  We now have ViuBox SYZ 3.0. The complete remote online body measurements, fitting comments & 3D try-on tool.
•  The fastest, the most easy-to-use solution there is.
•  Users would have two options on how to use ViuBox SYZ: With and Without picture.

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