Store Fitting Room Troubles: Tales of Exasperation

An account of how the trial room in stores have let us down so often.

Curtains that don’t close all the way!

While you are squirming to undress out of your clothes and try on the clothes that you have chosen, you also have to worry about curtains that do not close all the way and you end up flashing everyone that walks outside. Not to mention the occasional barge-ins from other customers not realizing that the room is occupied.

The terrible lighting!

The usual experience is either that of a dingy underground bar or that of being caught in front of a flash light. Why can we have normal lighting?!

No chairs!

Given that most of us are carrying multiple items including our precious phones and keys and wallets, where do we put them when we want to undress? Should we be holding then while squeezing out of clothes? And how do we put on shoes? Sit on the floor? Or some unsolicited lower body exercise doing squats?

Liar, liar on the wall!

The mirror on the wall may tell the truth but the mirrors in the trial rooms do not always tell the truth. They make you look slimmer and make the clothes look great. Is this magic or trickery?

Why so stingy with hooks?

The worst problem is not that complicated to solve. Why not have a few extra hooks in a place where people need to hang stuff?! Are we to drop everything on the floor?!

Do not worry, all is not lost. ViuBox Mirror wont’t let you down 🙂

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