What’s new?

1. Discontinued the old mobile app and introducing new web plugins

Today, we’re excited to launch our new web plugins—a proven method to onboard users successfully. Previously, sizing was a time-consuming process. State of fitting of outfit was displayed in different colors, but thanks to our new enhanced software, which is convenient, practical and easy to use, providing user friendly recommendation options and Online 3D try option, allowing users to get the accurate body measurements and proportions suggesting the ideal fit. 3D avatar reveals how the garment looks on users.

2. The 3D module is now 20X faster

SenseMi today updated the VIUBOX products. The Most-Popular, 3D module Now Has Up to 20x       Faster Performance. You can now customize and grow in ways never before possible in the world of Virtual dressing.

3. Viubox SYZ is now empowering Viubox ONLINE

Our products never seem to stop improving, and we’re always willing to give you a little extra. Our perfected design processes have eased the operational aspects of our solutions. It’s becoming increasingly clear that utility alone isn’t enough, so our exclusive product, Viubox SYZ, is powering Viubox ONLINE to help users to try on clothes online virtually and get the measurements, dimension and proportions with just 2 pictures with one being front full image and other being side full image, along with their height.

4. Introducing our exclusive user friendly and simplistic mobile app.

With our empowered smart solutions we’ve got it sorted for you. What makes our app very special is that it’s just one click away from trying your desired outfit. Basically, user needs to click the outfit they wish to try and it will automatically appear on their 3D avatar in a few seconds like magic.     

5. Customize your avatar on web plugin

We at SenseMi offer a totally unique and trendsetting shopping experience to your customers. It helps users cherish the joy of shopping for clothes. After all fashion is all about happiness. Users can now customize their avatar, choose the skin-tone and hairstyle for that extra dash of fun.

6. Plugins for Shopify, Magento & Woocommerce

We have developed plugins for Shopify. Magento and Woocommerce. It can be easily integrated with those platforms by installing the plugins. Plugin integration can be easily done in any other platform by adding few lines of code to the website.

7. Software Development Kit for embedding app

We are now providing software Development Kit to embed Viubox Online on mobile applications.

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