Virtual Trial Rooms Benefits

The Virtual Trial Rooms Benefits That Often Go Unnoticed

Higher returns rate? Lower Add-to-Cart conversion rate? Struggling with sales? How about making the buying process simpler? And more fun? All that is being made possible right now, with the help of virtual trial rooms.


What is a Virtual Trial Room? 

If you’ve never heard of it before, a virtual trial room works just like the name suggests. You can use a simple phone camera to take a picture and see how new clothes would fit.

The virtual trial room software will use your image to create an avatar of you. This way, you’ll be able to see exactly how new outfit ideas could look on you. 

For e-commerce businesses, this leads to many benefits which we will discuss in just a while. It is already a growing industry, valued at $744 billion in 2022, and is expected to be worth $1,102 billion by 2026 with a 10.3% CAGR. 


The New World of 3D Virtual Trial Rooms

Naturally, you’d assume that the virtual trial room would be a 2D experience. In other words, it would only be visible on a flat screen. However, a 3D trial option is now possible as well – and it is working wonders. Through the 3D experience, customers can create their own virtual twin for them to try out clothing. 

Which means that they’ll be able to see how new outfits would look from a third person perspective. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? 

The technology used by these tools is responsible for creating a very realistic mapped image of the user. This includes their facial features and their physical contours as well. 

So, customers will not only be able to see how garments look on them, but also how they’ll fit. And based on the measurements you provide to the app, a size recommendation will also be generated. So, the chances of ending up with the wrong size are very slim. 

And in the long run, businesses could realise a 118 percent cumulative increase in cash flow by 2030. 


Use of AR for a renewed experience

The implementation of Augmented Reality also makes it a much better process for customers to try out new clothing. This is because they’ll be able to see exactly how the outfit matches their body and make informed buying decisions accordingly. 

Moreover, it also allows for the virtual trial room to be used on any device. So for instance, you could try out a new shirt you liked on your cell phone without having to move an inch. You could also have tried it on your computer or tablet. 

Retail outlets will be able to provide a brand new experience to customers, taking away the need for physical trial rooms. Items on display will have a QR code near them or on their tag, which can be scanned for users to try them out. 


Benefits of using a virtual trial room

As you can assume, the virtual trial room eliminates a considerable amount of fashion problems that the industry deals with regularly. Fashion companies are expected to invest around 3 to 3.5% of their revenue into technology, such as the virtual trial room.

Here are some of the benefits that you can expect while using a virtual trial room:

Decreased product returns
Get this – about 50% of products sold online are returned according to Shopify’s industrial report. And this is seriously hurting businesses from growing due to decreased profit margins.

When customers can see exactly how the product would look on them, they’ll be able to have realistic expectations. Additionally, the size recommendation feature lets them purchase the best fitting size for their body.

Increase online sales
Who doesn’t like a new experience, especially when it comes to shopping? A virtual trial room makes choosing new threads as simple as a few taps. And for e-commerce and retail outlets offering this service, a quick boost in the number of customers can be expected.

Personalization is in. It’s what the internet is raving about from YouTube recommendations to targeted ads. And in the same vein, the virtual trial room software can also provide a similar option. 71 percent of consumers expect companies to deliver personalised
interactions and a similar proportion say it is frustrating when this does not happen.’ This is achieved by creating the avatar and doing away with generic models that probably don’t match their body proportions in any capacity. 



While the merits of a virtual trial room are many, a common complaint is that they’re often not able to produce realistic avatars. 

ViuBox prides itself on having the most realistic virtual avatars in the industry. This means that you won’t have to deal with this common complaint ever again. 

If you’re ready to take the next step forward and leverage the benefits of a virtual trial room in your favor, book a demo with us now. 

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