The Most Realistic
Virtual Shopping Experience Ever.

ViuBox SYZ 3D – the new face of online shopping is finally here!

Shoppers can now create their realistic 3D avatar and try on clothes before buying online via our virtual fitting room!





Create your own

ViuBox SYZ 3D is a powerful virtual try-on tool that lets you create a 3D avatar identical to your face and body proportions.

All you need to do is upload a selfie - and leave the rest to our algorithm. Within minutes, you'll have an accurate, personalized avatar where you can virtually try on clothes and see which outfits look and fit the best.

Try out your new threads with only a swipe! Creating your virtual avatar to get started has never been easier.
It Takes Only Three Quick Steps to Get Started :


1.Sign Up

Register for ViuBox using your details so that your information is saved.

2.Upload A Selfie

Take a quick selfie to create your virtual 3D avatar.

3.Try On-3D

Check out how you’d look in new clothes using the 3D avatar you just created. Switch outfits in seconds and find your perfect fit.

Try It Out on Mobile (AR)

Using AR (Augmented Reality), you can try out new outfits on your phone too! Simply follow a quick link to get the 3D avatar on your phone screen for easy access.


3D Virtual Try-on

The most accessible virtual fitting room in the industry.
Now available in Augmented Reality, shoppers can get a 360-degree view of the outfits they'd like to buy.
Customers can try new outfits from any location and any device - eliminating the hassle of trial rooms altogether.

The Future of Fashion!

The Future of Fashion!

Experience real world shopping online!

Experience real world shopping online!


Accurate fitting

Our 3D body mapping technology is accurate up to 98% – creating the most realistic 3D avatars in the entire industry.

Try in any location

The 3D avatar can be viewed from any location, as well as the user’s phone with Augmented Reality technology.

Increased conversions

Customers can make informed purchasing decisions as they get a realistic virtual experience of the outfits. This helps in boosting customer satisfaction and cuts down on return rates significantly.


All it takes is a selfie – customers can see exactly how an outfit would look on them and fit their body proportions.


3D Clothes in minutes!

The 3D avatar can be viewed from any location, as well as the user’s phone with Augmented Reality technology.

All types of commonly worn clothes can be easily designed, such as:

  • Women: Dresses, Evening wear, Button-up Shirts, T-shirts and Trousers.

  • Men: Button-up Shirts, T-shirts, Polo Shirts, Blazers and Trousers.
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The Perfect Fit with

ViuBOX SYZ 3.0

Our Online Size Recommendations service lets shoppers know which size available fits them the best, and also gives them personalized fitting comments.

Size Recommendations

Realistic Virtual Fitting Room

Remote Measurement

Fitting Comments

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