The Retail Glow-Up
That You've Been Waiting For!

By cross-referencing the size chart of the brand with the user's digital body measurements, ViuBox SYZ
can help everyone find the size that fits them best.


Core Features

Precise Body Mapping

With intelligent 3D body mapping on ViuBox Mirror, it is possible to try-on clothes and accessories in real-time, offering a perfect fit each time for every user.

No Delays

Customers will no longer have to spend minutes waiting to see how their new threads look. The new technology makes it possible to generate a preview in seconds.

Freedom to Explore

With ViuBox Mirror, users can mix and match different pieces to see exactly how a brand new outfit would fit them. And in the process, helping them discover new looks.

Photos to 3D Models - Accurately

ViuBox’s asset creator software makes it extremely easy to convert photos to 3D designs. And with consistent support from the ViuBox team, outlets can do so in minutes.

Easy Management

Stores can log in and manage their logos, photos, and 3D models from the convenience of a single control panel.

Continuous Improvements

The system records data regarding tryouts and can carefully analyze user behaviour to fine-tune the end product.

As Simple
As a Swipe

All it takes is a simple hand gesture to change outfits using the ViuBox Mirror - making it easier and faster than ever.

Changing the game

for All Our Partners

● Fashion Stores
● Boutiques
● Exhibitions
● Fashion Events

Don't let temporary settings stop you from a new experience. With the ViuBox Mirror rental program, you can spice up your exhibition or event to be extraordinary - without breaking the bank.

Boutiques and outlets can also join us for a long-term program to serve customers at a greater level and significantly boost brand value.

Helping Brands Achieve Their True Potential

  • The best trial room alternative you could ask for: No more long queues or wasted time using changing rooms. It only takes one swipe to see how new outfits would look on you with the ViuBox Mirror.
  • Reduced establishment costs: A dedicated area for trial rooms is no longer needed, with a much more accessible virtual solution available.
  • No complicated procedures: Getting started with the ViuBox Mirror only takes a few minutes.
  • With the user-friendly and intuitive interface, customers find it very easy to change items and customize fits.
  • Much more engaging experience for customers: Imagine how convenient it would be for users to try out new clothing without changing twice.
  • You’ll also be much more likely to have more ‘regulars,’ being able to save users’ try-on and purchase history.
  • More sales, fewer returns: Since customers can see exactly how the items would look, they will be less likely to return them and be more satisfied with their purchases.
  • You’re always backed by the team: The ViuBox team is always there to provide remote assistance with anything you’ll need to set up the Mirror.


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Content Management System

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3D Clothes in minutes!

with ViuBox Asset Creator.

ViuBox Asset Creator (VAC) helps you create realistic 3D designs of garments from photos in less than 5 minutes.

Realistic 3D clothes produced with VAC can be used for both ViuBox Online and ViuBox Mirror.

All common types of clothes can be easily designed like;

  • Women: Dresses, Evening wear, Button up Shirts, T-shirts, Trousers etc.
  • Men: Button up Shirts, T-shirts, Polo Shirts, Blazers, Trousers etc.
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Save time. Save costs. Realistic ! A Winning combination

Join the retail revolution, and see how ViuBox Mirror can help unlock your brand's true potential now!

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