Balancing Pragmatism and Technology innovation

If our life in this century so far is any indication, we are going to be influenced by technology in every walk of life and the technology penetration would only increase. The pandemic has further accelerated technology adoption.

While we are set for a technology-driven experience in Fashion industry too, often a question that arises is whether some of the tech-adoption is for the sake of technology alone and whether it does add a practical value to the business, in numbers.

SenseMi’s ViuBox line of products successfully straddle that mine between practical needs and technology innovation. Every product under ViuBox delivers incredible experience and true value.

The ViuBox Mirror is a hassle-free, corona-proof try-on solution for Fashion stores and raises user experience like no other product can. Virtual Dressing may seem too much like a fantasy hi-fi product, but it is actually a very sturdy, practical product.

The ViuBox Switch saves up to 80% in time and costs for Fashion brands, not to mention the hassles otherwise associated with photoshoots. AI for fashion is a promising field and ViuBox is a pioneer in AI model photography.

ViuBox EYE can automate product tagging, improving efficiency and reducing errors. It can also power similar product recommendations and search-by-image on Fashion E-Commerce, which in turn improve sales. Similar-product-recommendations is one of the features with highest ROI in E-Commerce.

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