top tech trends for the fashion industry to drive sustainability for 2023

Top Tech Trends for the Fashion Industry to Drive Sustainability in 2023

2023 has several challenges for the stakeholders of the fashion industry. As per McKinsey, we may encounter a tough hyperinflation, shifting customer emotions, and not so promising growth.

However, experts believe we can capitalize on the shifting patterns to drive sustainability and profit.

Technology has always come to the aid of businesses in times of crises. It can help manufacturers and retailers to sail past the troubled waters and enter new horizons.

This blog will explore the top fashion tech trends that every retailer should consider for profitable operations in 2023.

Virtual Trial Rooms

Virtual tech is only getting smarter. However, till now, one of the biggest drawbacks of shopping online is you can’t try on the clothes. However, this dilemma is coming to an end with virtual trial rooms.

Customers will be able to upload selfies on shopping apps and websites to create an accurate digital avatar. Next, they will be able to try on products on offer virtually.

It feels like trying your clothes in real life. You can see if the dress matches your style and fit.

Such products in the market are already making waves across retailers and fashion stores. They create an engaging shopping experience and boost conversions.

You can lower abandoned carts and aim for higher personalization.

Smart Mirror

Convenience is vital to turning customers into loyal patrons. Therefore, your in-store experience goes a long way to determine your profitability.

Gone are the days when you had to worry about long queues in front of the trial room. Now, consumers can use smart mirrors or magic mirrors to try outfits virtually.

It sounds futuristic but is already in use. Smart mirrors let customers try out new clothes with the swipe of a hand. They don’t need to undress or even enter a trial room.

You just stand in front of mirrors and make hand gestures.

In the process-

  • Customers discover new products
  • You can offer an interactive shopping experience
  • Your establishment costs reduce
  • You generate more sales and revenues

Fitting Technology

Are you tired of endless return requests?

The top reason people return clothes bought from online stores is due to improper fit. This single reason sees thousands of returns that add to your cost and impact your productivity.

However, this challenge can become a thing of the past with modern fitting technology. Using mobiles, customers can provide their body measurements to get accurate size recommendations.

Your shopping app allows you to upload your photo in a specific pose. It then uses the picture to create body dimensions automatically and recommend the best size.

Additionally, customers can use a slider to adjust their body proportions using a 3D avatar. They may even enter their dimensions manually to get accurate sizing advice.

AI Photography

93% of consumers examine visual details of a product before making a purchase. Therefore, high-quality images of your apparels is a must to drive sales.

However, you may have to invest thousands of dollars creating a shooting setup. Moreover, you will need to hire models every time you do a photoshoot.

Artificial intelligence (AI) photography provides a cost-effective alternative to shooting your own product images. You can generate realistic pictures using stock photos of models and ghost images of your clothes.

Several products are already creating a buzz in the market. The leading ones can help you save significant time and costs.

It creates AI-generated imagery that is hard to differentiate from real photos. Moreover, you can take advantage of countless stock photos and product categories to generate your images.


Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is already in use in the fashion industry. Virtual trial rooms and similar solutions rely on AR to drive accurate outcomes.

The reliance on AR will increase in the coming days, encouraging mass adoption. According to Deloitte, 41% of shoppers worldwide use AR to shop, which is roughly around 1.5 billion people.

By 2025, this number will climb to 4.3 billion people.

AR allows fashion brands to target the younger generation. It goes a long way to improve the shopping experience and boost conversions.

The pandemic has accelerated the incorporation of the digital into shopping. It will keep influencing purchasing decisions of modern customers.

Therefore, brands and retailers are working full-time to incorporate AR into their buying journey.

3D Technology

3D technology has proliferated into the fashion industry. Designers are using it to design customized pieces for high-profile clients. Celebrities like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Bjork are already famous for owning 3D printed apparels.

From design to manufacturing, 3D technology can be helpful in different processes. It can meet the needs of on-demand production and deliver the highest precision.

Moreover, 3D clothes can go a long way to instill sustainability. It can reduce waste of fiber and introduce environmental-friendly materials for a lower carbon footprint.

Additionally, it can speed up the manufacturing process for several products and accessories. You can make a seamless garment out of a single thread in less than an hour.


The metaverse is creating a lot of buzz, even though it is in its infancy. It’s a digital world where your virtual avatar can lead a parallel life and splurge on goodies like clothes and houses.

The first Metaverse Fashion Week was held in March last year. It was a massive event spanning four days in the digital Decentraland.

Several brands, like Etro, Roberto Cavalli, and Tommy Hilfiger, participated in the event.

The metaverse provides an opportunity to earn additional revenues and capture new markets. According to McKinsey, Gen Zs consider fashion one of the top three things to spend cash.
Moreover, they spend approximately eight hours daily in front of screens.

So, the metaverse could be the next big thing for fashion brands and retailers.

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Final Thoughts

The tech trends in fashion for 2023 are essential to promote sustainability and efficiency. It can result in superior personalization and create engaging shopping experiences on various channels. ViuBox offers innovative tech solutions like Switch (AI photography), smart mirrors, and virtual trial rooms for retailers. They are your best choice to improve operational efficiency, productivity, and revenues. Contact us to know more.

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