ViuBox Virtual Dressing Room: Empowering Fashion E-Commerce

The pandemic has accelerated digital adoption like never before, in fact, it crammed in years of digital adoption into a year. While this bodes well for Fashion businesses who aim to make up for lost revenue from stores, it also brings certain challenges.

70% of all purchasing decisions are made in the trial room in a store. Moreover, the number of shoppers who return clothes is double for online shopping compared to in-store purchases. A big reason for this is the trial room in stores. Shoppers make informed decisions after seeing themselves in the clothes that they intend to buy.

E-Commerce has not had a trial room option, because the process takes place remotely, with the shopper and the product at different geographic locations. Shoppers buy based on the photos that they see on websites and with an assumption of their right size.

ViuBox bridges this gap and brings the virtual dressing trial room online. Shoppers may now virtually try on clothes on E-Commerce website before buying. They can know exactly how each size of an item would fit them and can even see how it would look on them. This is especially significant when considering that 55.7% of fashion purchase happen online now.

ViuBox, a member of NVIDIA’s inception program for AI, delivers exceptional, personalized user experience to online shoppers. A prime focus of ViuBox has always been to have a simple process that all users may easily understand, hence all users have to do is upload two pictures and enter their height and weight. ViuBox shall do the rest.

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