Fashion Photography goes Smart

E-commerce has been a part of our lives for some time now but 2020 and Covid-19 turbocharged E-Commerce and accelerated innovation like never before. As per IBM’s 2020 U.S. Retail Index report, digitization was propelled by at least 5 years. Fashion retail and E-commerce have flirted with many new technologies and experiences but have not had any widespread acceptance of anything in particular and digitization and smart applications have had little effect in how people go about their business. One area where very little to nothing has progressed is how product photography happened for Fashion and E-Commerce product photography. The traditional photography and all the steps required in arranging it how it still happens.

Here’s the problem though. Traditional photography is an expensive affair, especially for high quality results. It also takes extensive effort in arranging and is time consuming. More important than that, it is not ideal given the restrictions that Covid-19 has brought upon.

Visual content is the most important factor in enticing shoppers to buy online. Photographs that capture the products in the highest quality is an absolute necessity. On-Model photography of Fashion products is a constant process with fast fashion as new products and collections come in often replacing the current ones. Very often re-shoots are necessary and the whole process has to be repeated. The costly, time-consuming, labor intensive process.

Luckily, technology always has the answer. There are reliable solutions that can generate on-model images without the need for photoshoots. Realistic images can be generated with different models and different poses just from the pictures of the clothes. ViuBox Switch, is a leader in the Smart studio process, being able to generate photos at 80% savings on time and costs. High quality images can be generated at a fraction of the time, effortlessly.

The technology is already adopted by a number of retailers, with large volumes and is all set for a giant leap. AI for fashion has started taking off.

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