Revolutionary Features that can help Your E-commerce Business Stand Out

The primary concern while buying clothes online is that the buyers are unable to inspect or try on clothes or accessories physically before purchasing.

The primary concern while buying clothes online is that the buyers are unable to inspect or try on clothes or accessories physically before purchasing. This has increased the return rate of clothes to a greater extent, raising the additional shipping and return costs for e-commerce retailers. This is because the pictures and size charts can only provide a general idea and can often mislead the shoppers. Hence e-commerce stores must introduce evolving technology to give users a personalized shopping experience.

The Augmented Reality-based smart solutions can help online brands implement technologies to stand out and give a hike to sales. The online virtual fitting room for e-commerce allows shoppers to try on clothes digitally. Here’s how it can create a huge difference:

Virtual Fitting Dressing Room

The virtual dressing app will enable shoppers to mix and match color patterns and virtually try on clothes to see how they would fit them without actually trying them. The app creates personalized avatars according to the entered body measurements and the face match of the user. The online fashion brands can have the application’s API integration with their website to have their inventory accessed and tried by users from all over the globe. These simulations heighten customers’ enjoyment, enhance their personal shopping experience, and help to make a great purchasing decision.

Real-Life Shopping Experience

Online shopping is always more convenient, but still, many shoppers want the experience to be as close to shopping in a retail store as possible. In the retail stores during window shopping, the customers can get a good feel of the product, something that’s lacking while looking at the static images in the online stores. The virtual fitting apps integrated with online e-commerce sites give users a real-life experience of how the clothes will actually look on them before even purchasing.

Personal Assistance

A fair number of consumers, when they go shopping, take someone with them for personal assistance, or they ask the staff to help them through the trial and selection of the products. With the improvement in technology and the introduction of online apps like virtual dressing solutions, we’re likely to see a concierge-style service offered in e-commerce stores. You can have access to the whole inventory, color options, and matching patterns at a single click without any hassle. So you can try as many clothes as you want in minimal time. 

Other Core Features

No Extra Costs: The users don’t need any hardware or device for using the app. Hence no extra costs are incurred.

Accuracy: The accurately-sized avatars and the 3D clothes provide a more personalized user experience. 

Easy Integration: It allows easy integration with most of the e-commerce platforms with just a single click.

Secure Platform: The virtual clothes fitting app provides a stable platform that allows e-commerce sites to integrate easily. 

Enhance the shopping experience for your users by integrating your e-commerce sites with the best virtual clothes fitting app and reap fruitful outcomes. 

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